Tuesday, September 6, 2011

IPads the New Frontier

Technology in general is a growing aspect in schools and is impacting the way a classroom operates across all levels. As a growing well known company, Apple has begun to pave the way to a new, fascinating, technological future by introducing the world to the iPad.  The iPad is not just another computer but a technical tool that is extremely versatile. Whether you are a teacher, college student, high school student or even elementary student the iPad can greatly enhance the way one learns and teaches information. The iPad is set up to operate hundreds of applications that can enhance any type of learner’s education.

When it comes to teaching, teachers can use the iPad in their classrooms to engage the students with a new fun technical tool. Students at home may already have access to an iPad and are probably already using it to play games and learn. There are application available that can help students practice their reading and writing skills which can be extremely helpful when students may need more practice in those areas. Students who many learn kinesthetically can be better engaged with the use of application because they are physically going through the motions rather than watching a teacher perform them.

Middle school students are a group of children who can benefit greatly from the use of iPads in their classrooms. A subject that students in middle school often struggle with is social studies because a lot of students view it as irrelevant to their lives. When entering the 6th grade students are expected to learn the continents, countries, and capitals of not just the states within the USA but also in others areas around the world. Currently the best way teachers have to teach these is with repetition on plain maps on paper, but not anymore.

The iPad is opening up a new world for middle school teachers Applications such as U.S geography by Discover Education. With this amazing Application students get to play games, compete against each other and others around the world all while becoming an expert on US geography. The iPad is paving the way toward a brighter future in the area of education. It is a tool that Teachers will come to learn about and use to make their students more efficient in all areas.